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Let's talk about Connection, Relationships, and Yoga

How can yoga foster connection to ourself and our community?

Yoga is all about building and strengthening our connection to our self. Because...we can only connect to others as deeply as we have connected to our own self. This holds particularly true with teachers and coaches in any capacity.

As a yoga teacher, I know that I can only take my students as far as I have taken myself in practice. Teachers and coaches are meant to help make the journey easier by giving a sense of direction; they've been where their students are, and can help figure out the next step. But in order for there to be real progress, the student needs to connect with their teacher, and trust them!

Given the world we live in, our BS meters are on all the time. We have the ability to know when someone is being inauthentic, regardless of the context. You know those people you just "click" with? What resonated with you about them?

female sitting on boulders with her hands crossed over her heart in gratitude

Jas sitting on a giant boulder in happy meditation and gratitude

Time, alone, is not enough.

Spending years of your life with someone does not alone equal proper connection. If you feel unable to be yourself and trust the other individual in the relationship, or if you feel as though something is "off" and put your own guard up, you're basically passing time together. It's only a matter of time before the relationship breaks down.

Unfortunately, this all too often passes for ‘friendship’ or even a relationship in today's day and age. Just because you've spent a lot of time with someone doesn't mean you truly know them.

****This includes your connection to self.****

Who are you, really?

Take the time to get to know the real you. Not "you" the parent, the partner, the sibling, or the business owner...but the real you. What do you truly want? Once you connect to that, watch the people who come into your life. Notice the conversations. The connection will be worth it.💜

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