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Jas with her hands folded in a gratitude position

Yoga with Jas

Live Empowered. Live Inspired.

Live your practice. Rediscover your joy. Redefine success. 


 Gabriel Grude

I firmly believe in slowing down and connecting to ourself allows for a much deeper and more meaningful connection to our community. All of my offerings keep this concept at the forefront. 


To the people who feel like there's something more for you, to the ones who feel like they just need some space to catch their breath, to the ones who are yearning for meaningful conversation...I see you, and I'm here to support you.


Through practicing and embracing the elements of yoga and meditation for over 18 years, I've had the opportunity to apply these concepts to my life and to share them with so many others. I'm known for my passionate, yet calm demeanour, for my unique approach to teaching and living yoga, and for little bits of sass and samosas sprinkled in to keep it interesting. 


Wherever you are in your journey, and whatever your experiences, there's space here for you. I'm here to help you find some calm in the chaos. Whether you're an individual or an organization looking to improve quality of life, improve mental health, practice meditation, connect with community, or simply want to redefine success, there is something here for you!

With love,


E-RYT 1000

Retreats + 

Offered locally and abroad, these transformational retreats & workshops are a space to heal, restore, rest, and rejuvenate your spirit.

Yoga Teacher Training

Interested in learning about yoga beyond the physical practice? This is for you. Small, intimate groups setting with a discussion style approach  allows the training to permeate other areas of life.

Yoga + Meditation

Want to create your yoga or meditation practice but are unsure about where to start? Check out my live, online weekly sessions.

sAmosa Workshops

What better way to connect to community than through food? Learn how to make samosa with me, and let's enjoy them together with some chai!


Shop bespoke essential oil blends that will instantly transport you to a different place and calmer headspace.

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