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Jas Bhandal in a green corduroy jacket in a beautiful forest in the fall

Get to Know Us

Our Purpose

We hold a firm belief in the power of taking a step back and connecting with ourselves to foster deeper and more significant connections with our community. This core concept is the driving force behind all our offerings.

For those who sense there's more to life,

For those seeking a moment to breathe,

For those craving meaningful interactions:

We see you and are here to support you. No matter where you are in your journey or what your experiences have been, there's a place for you here.


I'm here to help you find some calm in the chaos. 

Whether you're an individual or an organization looking to improve quality of life, improve mental health, practice meditation, connect with the community, or simply redefine success, there is something here for you!

Jas Bhandal sitting on a log in the Canadian forest wearing jeans and a black long sleeve shirt

Meet Your Instructor

Jas Bhandal

Lead teacher

Through practicing and embracing the elements of yoga and meditation for over 18 years, Jas has had the opportunity to apply these concepts to her life and to share them with so many others. She is known for her passionate, yet calm demeanour, for her unique approach to teaching and living yoga, and for little bits of sass and samosas sprinkled in to keep it interesting.

Jas Bhandal in a yoga pose outside in a forest wearing dark yoga pants and a dark t-shirt

Easily connect with me online!

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